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It’s time to start talking about security

When you’re looking for a call tracking and analytics provider for your business, there are a few factors that appear obvious – scalability, reliability, and ease of access among them. Not everyone, however, knows to look for one of the most important strengths any provider can have, and they certainly pay the price. If your business uses data or recordings at all, you should be thinking about security.

Hate thinking about security? Your hackers don’t want you to either.

Can you trust your call analytics provider with your data? How do you know that?

If you can’t be sure – what happens when your data gets breached? Do you have a plan? Data breaches today are a company’s worst nightmare. They put confidential and personal information in the hands of hackers, destroy customer trust and may cost millions to resolve. No matter how big or small your company is, a breach is unaffordable. Are you content to compromise with a call analytics provider whose security is just good enough?

Furthermore, it’s important to ensure your security requirements are up-to-date. Cyber threats are always evolving, and hackers constantly hone their practices. The companies that deal with your data should be evolving in kind, honing their security to match these threats. And if your provider hasn’t already addressed that, there’s a good chance they’re not treating your information with the care it deserves.

Get peace of mind with a provider that knows and respects your needs.

At Marchex, we know that security should be the highest priority no matter what. Nobody should need to fear a data breach, even with more and more threats online daily. Marchex is SOC 2 Type II certified for security and enables HIPAA compliance – the only major call analytics platform with these two designations. Even more importantly, we’re evolving. We undergo a rigorous, independent audit of our internal controls annually and constantly push our teams to be vigilant and responsible. No cutting corners. Your call analytics data is safe with us.

Marchex also knows that just security isn’t good enough for your company, which needs to optimize ROI short and long-term. Reliability and accuracy come naturally to us; our speech-to-text transcription Word Error Rate is an industry-low at 8%, and critical system redundancies in our data centers ensure that you can access this data on our platform at any time. And with a significant $100M+ invested in R&D and innovations, the platform and solutions are only getting better.

If you think you may benefit from a security boost and a chance to work with the industry’s safest major conversational analytics platform, take a deeper dive.