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June blog highlights

In addition to launching a new executive dashboard within our speech analytics product, Marchex Call Analytic Conversation Edition, and attending Seattle’s Tech Fair to find new team members, Marchex employees also found time to volunteer in the local community.


Marchex employees volunteer with local Seattle organizations through Marchex Cares program

by Linda Lochrie, People Services Coordinator at Marchex




Top articles

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How to mute your competitors and rule your brand search results page

by Diana Thomas, Director of Operations for Media at Marchex

Register for this live webinar happening on July 11th at 10 am PT





Evaluating Call Analytics platforms? Consider the benefits of Marchex.

by Scott Mitchell, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Marchex





Shut down! How saying ‘No’ is costing your business.




Industry features



Why Telco sales and Call Analytics technology go hand in hand






Travel sites: Get the calls you want; not the ones you don’t.






Summer learning for tutoring centers




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Join us for Scala at the Sea with Yifan Xing at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10th at Marchex.