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So – How DO You Track Calls At The Keyword Level?

The questions sure rolled in during our live Google Hangout session with Google last week, discussing keyword level call tracking. I couldn’t help but notice how hungry advertisers are these days. And they are hungry in a way that signals a transformative shift in the return they expect from their marketing dollars.

I’ve been involved in many live webinar sessions, and you can always count on the Q&A to offer up an unfiltered view into what the audience cares about. The questions are also reflective of larger trends.  After Google and Marchex shared best practices during the Hangout called Transform Your Business With A Smarter Click-to-Call Strategy, the viewers had their chance to chime in. Return on investment emerged clearly as the underlying theme.

Here’s a quick sample of some of the questions:

  • How do you view call conversion data and call tracking at the keyword level?
  • Is there a way to have a call count as a conversion in AdWords and to see which keyword triggered it?
  • Can you go into any more detail on how click-to-call conversions can be attributed to a keyword?

All these could essentially be boiled down into one question:

How do I enable keyword level call tracking from mobile click-to-call campaigns?

I love this because it illustrates just how much advertisers want to take their ad campaign results to the next level. It also shows that the advertising industry is looking to get more granular with measurement. Plus, it serves as further validation that Marchex is solving the right customer problems. (And who doesn’t love more customer validation?)

So – how DO you track calls at the keyword level?

Marchex actually has a solution for that. With Marchex Call Analytics, customers can track which keywords generate calls from click-to-call campaigns. This gives advertisers a complete view into performance and allows them to optimize their keyword lists and budgets to generate the highest return on ad spend possible.

Writing this leads me to reflect on just how much has changed in five years. Back in 2009, Marchex saw that as mobile adoption grew, advertisers would demand ROI, control, targeting and measurability from their mobile ad campaigns – just like they demanded from desktop campaigns a decade ago.

That time has come. Or as the industry experts like to say: phone calls ARE the new click.