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How to leverage call extension data to optimize your marketing campaigns

Every day, millions of people search for a product or service on their phones. Once they see an ad for what they want, what’s their next step? Increasingly, it’s to make a call by tapping the call extension — the phone number — they see on their screen.

Call extensions don’t just help people place a call. They also deliver a wealth of information for marketers who know how to leverage it. If your business relies on inbound calls to make sales, you should make sure call extensions work for you. Let’s dive deeper into how call extensions work.

What are call extensions?

For paid search ads, ad extensions allow advertisers to include additional informational shortcuts—for example, links to a website, online reviews, or a reservation portal. A call extension is simply a one-click shortcut to placing a call to your business.

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With that in mind, let’s examine how call extensions can help marketers optimize campaigns and increase ROI on marketing spend. It’s a three-step process:

  1. Refine keyword lists
    Assigning unique call extensions to ads with different keywords will track the exact search terms prospects used to find your ad. Now you’re able to determine which keywords drive calls that convert to sales.
  2. Optimize ROI
    With keyword-level call attribution, you can optimize your bids in any type of digital marketing, from paid search to social. As you begin to collect data on incoming calls, you can gain important insights into which keywords perform well—and which don’t.
  3. Increase revenue
    Analytics and optimization can help you create strategic, cost-effective campaigns to better fit the needs of your organization and build revenue over time.

Overcome attribution gaps

Call extension data helps you identify which paid media sources led to more conversions. Thanks to call extension data, you can know what happened next in the sales funnel if the path to purchase includes a phone call.

Call extensions are possibly the fastest way for prospects to contact your company. If your company relies on inbound calls for sales, it’s important to optimize this channel.  To find out how Marchex can help your company get the most out of paid search ads,  learn about our omnichannel analytics suite.