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Marchex Stream enables businesses to analyze customer data in real time

As part of its commitment to customer success, Marchex recently launched Marchex Stream—a platform that enables businesses to analyze real-time data from consumers with conversational artificial intelligence (AI). By integrating data from multiple sources and predictive analytics into a unified platform, businesses can optimize sales while maintaining positive customer relations.

In today’s rapidly advancing technological world, many companies are seeing the value in combining artificial intelligence with data analytics to maximize their business potential. At the forefront of conversational intelligence, Marchex aims to strengthen the connection between companies and their customers.

Businesses and consumers can realize their full potential

The Marchex Stream platform enables businesses to realize the full potential of conversational AI with current consumers and supports new customer engagement with innovative features:

Cloud-based conversational data storage

Cloud-based storage allows for seamless scalability.

Real-time conversation transcripts

Conversation transcripts and AI-powered insights are available to the business within seconds, much faster than ever before. As a result, businesses are able to better serve customers and prospects during the conversation.

Rich API for developers

Allows developers to integrate omnichannel conversational analytics data into existing business systems.

Real-time content personalization

Marchex Stream can process conversations and generate multiple AI signals as the call is happening. This signal data can flow into marketing platforms to drive the display of targeted content.

Accelerated business intelligence

Post-conversation analytics, which once took a great deal of time, can now be generated within seconds. In other words, this helps businesses gain real-time opportunities that can be used to improve the overall customer experience.

This new platform streamlines the increasing value that conversational intelligence can provide to businesses. To learn more about unlocking your business’s potential, contact us for a demo.