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Marchex Marketing Edge integrates key sales enablement functionality to break down barriers

Marchex Marketing Edge is a newly-released conversational analytics platform that captures conversation data from calls, texts, chats, and form fills. This rich first-party data is analyzed with AI-powered intelligence to identify and classify conversations that drive sales. By tying these high-value conversations back to their marketing sources, Marketing Edge empowers businesses to make smarter media buys that deliver more high-value conversations to their sales teams.

The platform also integrates with Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, a solution that alerts businesses to missed opportunities while there is still time to save the deal. Should a sales conversation then fail to convert, Marketing Edge’s seamless integration with Marchex Sale Edge Rescue enables businesses to immediately receive an alert to reengage the prospect and rescue the sales opportunity before they call a competitor.

Marketing Edge enables brands and agencies to solve key challenges:

Accurately attribute calls, text messages, and web form completions

Know which marketing efforts generate inbound calls, texts, chats, and web form completions by accurately tying each to the marketing campaigns that drove them.

Increase Return on Ad Spend

Understand call outcomes tied to sales, using conversational intelligence to increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

Improve e-commerce conversion rates

Understand where customers abandon a digital purchase, discover key conversation topics, and learn which sources lead to higher sales conversions offline.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

Use conversational intelligence to reveal obstacles in the customer journey that impact offline conversions, such as spam/unwanted calls, long wait times, website abandonment, unanswered text messages, and more.

Rescue lost sales

Through direct integration with Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, empower sales departments to receive real-time alerts when a prospect showing high purchase intent does not buy, so a sales specialist can reengage before the opportunity is lost to a competitor.

Marketing Edge enables businesses to complete and enrich the picture of their digital marketing performance and power automated actions by automatically flowing conversational data into a rich and growing list of third-party technologies and makes it simple to create custom integrations.

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