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Senior Living Series: Marketing in the senior living space

Marketing in the senior living space has unique challenges. Industry marketers typically have one goal: Meet or exceed defined occupancy targets in an industry where competition for residents is high.

These marketers typically face one of two challenges—and sometimes both:


Limited marketing budget

First thing to consider, there are lots of channels and tactics available to marketers today. Optimizing existing resources will be critical to success.


Under-developed skillset

Secondly, a lot of brands in this business combine sales and marketing roles, and frankly, the emphasis is typically on sales. Creating, executing, measuring and optimizing successful programs can be a challenge for the marketing novice.

I recently attended the Senior Care Marketing Sales Summit (SMASH) event in Chicago, where I had the pleasure of meeting several industry marketers. One thing was painfully clear: a lot of marketers have a sense of what they want to do, but they don’t know how to do it.

Few things are more uncomfortable than being asked, “Can you tell me specifically what impact your marketing efforts are having on our occupancy rates or revenue?”

As a marketing solutions provider in the senior living industry, Marchex can help you answer this question. In upcoming posts, I will address this and other challenges, and provide some insights on how to solve them. My goal is to arm you with “how-to” advice and industry “best-practices” so you can better achieve your marketing objectives. Not only will you be better positioned for success, you can also champion your new knowledge to those who may not fully understand or appreciate what it takes to succeed in your role.

Top questions from senior living marketers

The topics below will be covered in upcoming posts:

  1. How do I know media is working? Why knowing the number of clicks, calls or visits isn’t enough.
  2. Measuring digital marketing (online ad to online response) is easy. How do I effectively measure my customer’s online-to-offline journey – that is, when they respond to an online ad with an offline action, such as a phone call?
  3. I have multiple properties, but no insight into the customer experience. How can I ensure customers have an optimal experience across our entire footprint?
  4. I haven’t cracked the code with Facebook or social media. Where do I start?
  5. We use a secret shopper service, but I’m skeptical of results. What are the alternatives?
  6. We’re using a call center. How do we get the most out of that resource?
  7. I can’t get more media budget. How do I get the most out of my media spend?
  8. What steps can I take to create top-of-funnel audiences to target?
  9. How do I retarget visitors who don’t engage initially while we’re still top-of-mind?
  10. I could be adding a lot of value if I had the right tools and training. How do I convince my boss to invest in developing my marketing skills?

For industries that rely on inbound phone calls to drive sales, it is critical to measure the results of your marketing efforts. To do this, you need to understand what media is driving the best conversions. If you are new to call analytics and what call data can tell you, check out our Call Analytics 101 page for a collection of quick articles to learn more.

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