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Measuring politeness: How phone calls impact your business [webinar]

Phone calls are a crucial part of doing business, from retaining customers to driving new revenue – but looking at what happens during these phone calls and measuring their outcomes at scale can be even more beneficial. Marchex Speech Analytics, our recently released, industry-leading solution can put that vast analytical power into the hands of your business. A recent study by the Marchex Institute analyzed over a million anonymized calls and discovered a clear correlation between being polite and the outcome of that phone call.

To fully explain our findings and to show how businesses just like yours can leverage the power of Marchex Speech Analytics to close more deals, optimize your media spend and improve your customer experience, we’d like to invite you to our latest webinar: Measuring Politeness: How Phone Calls Impact Your Business

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Join us on Wednesday June 28th for a free, live discussion about speech analytics. Our featured speaker will be Aaron Jansen. Aaron is a Franchise Business Consultant at Meineke and will be here to discuss how they have implemented Marchex Speech Analytics and the impact it has had on the business.

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