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Why omnichannel analytics are the marketer’s key to ROI attribution

Marketing might be described as a mix of left brains and right brains with a huge need for transparency across platforms. Data provides that transparency. The sad truth is that marketers are still struggling with the data part, specifically when it comes to measuring ROI across multiple media channels. But here’s an example of how one Marchex customer used available data to solve a typical marketing problem — reducing cost-per-conversion.

An agency representing an auto industry client achieved a whole new level of attribution with Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud. Responsible for testing and implementing marketing solutions across paid search, social, display and video media channels, the agency turned to Marchex.Marchex helped the agency reduce the cost-per-conversion on inbound phone calls while improving the media efficiency on paid search and display programs.

“The Marchex team has been a great partner in integrating online and offline data from customers. Marchex is the only company tying together every part of the customer journey so I can see where customers are coming from and prove ROI to company executives. Marchex helped us uncover that 27% of our callers were exposed to display ads before they called. That number surprised us, but it helped us understand the value of advertising across our base of potential customers,” –Marchex agency client.

Why full attribution is important

Smartphones bridge the online-to-offline gap. So, companies that use insights from phone calls in their omnichannel marketing strategy can drive more business by better understanding what media is driving calls.

A solution that provides a 360-degree attribution view is vital for brands who rely on offline conversions for their bottom line. Traditionally, identifying the impact of multiple marketing channels produce a phone call is challenging. The Marchex solution provides this vital piece of information, enabling you to truly see the ROI of your digital campaigns on your offline results.

To learn more about how the modern marketer needs an omnichannel view of their marketing programs, download our latest whitepaper right now.