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Provide a high quality caller experience

Part 2 of a 3-part series on inbound sales call optimization

In the second step to optimizing phone calls, we focus on the business’s ability to increase sales by optimizing each call that connects with it. In the initial installment of this series, we covered how to ensure prospects reaching out to you connect with your business. Now that your callers are reaching you, it’s time to address what happens on the call. By understanding caller intent to purchase and measuring the performance of the salespeople on actual sales calls, businesses can take steps to better engage customers at a critical step in the path to purchase.

The findings from a recent Marchex Institute study of over 11 million auto businesses found that nearly 60 percent of calls to the sales department showed intent to purchase. Key findings also showed a strong correlation between high-performing salespeople and customers who show intent to take the next step – in the study, this amounted to making an appointment to come in. The top performers set appointments 12% more often than the bottom performers when measured against a phone script scorecard.

To optimize each sales call where a caller demonstrates an intent to purchase, businesses must measure salesperson performance and learn what works. What are high-performers doing that makes them so successful? Once you have these answers, creating a phone script for salespeople receiving these calls can help your staff stick to best practices and provide an excellent caller experience. It is possible to learn what happens on every single call across a business in real time with AI-powered call analytics.

Calls are a source of revenue for many businesses. In order to make the most out of these inbound leads, businesses need to identify callers with high intent to purchase and ensure employees who answer these calls know how to handle them.

To learn how to optimize inbound calls at scale, view our on-demand webinar: 3 Steps to Optimizing Inbound Sales Calls.