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Residential Contractors – Every Call Counts

You invest marketing and advertising dollars to drive calls to your residential contractor business.  Each call presents an opportunity to bid on a new job. Here are some tips to consider to optimize your inbound phone leads.

Failed calls equal lost revenue

A Forrester Research report from last year has shown that your best customers are those that call you. Yet, surprisingly more often than not, service organizations fail to even answer the phone.  If your business fails to connect to your inbound callers there is a potentially significant loss of revenue.  Look at it in terms of the numbers:  A few missed calls a day equals a few missed bid opportunities. Multiply that number over the work week and then over the number of weeks you work each year. Still with me? Now multiply by an average job invoice for an idea of your missed annual revenue!  If you have several business locations…whoa! Clearly, answering every call counts.

So how do you know if your business is answering the phone?  One way to measure this is by implementing Call Analytics, which can help you understand failed call rates by source, along with the potential revenue impact missed calls are making on your business. Call Analytics can be filtered by hours of the day, days of the week, and even the locations where they are occurring.  With this information, you can make operational adjustments so you can connect with more customers more often.

Deliver the best home service experience

Homeowners want more than skills to fix their homes; they also want businesses that are courteous and conscientious. After all, they are inviting these contractors into their homes.  Handling calls in a manner that provides homeowners with confidence in both ability and responsiveness help them move forward with your service company.  This may even amount to a competitive edge.  Call Analytics can help you provide a positive experience by surfacing conversation trends from your phone calls. These insights can highlight intent indicators and other details that can reveal customer sentiment. In addition, you can measure and understand agent behaviors on phone calls, making sure specific call handling standards are upheld.

Homeowners have many choices as to which residential contractor they choose to hire. Analyzing what’s driving and happening on your calls, measuring impact, and making slight adjustments to maximize these conversations can yield significant results. Make every call count. Enhance the customer call experience and win more bids.

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