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Scala at the Sea – Yifan Xing talks about asynchronous programming

This past Tuesday, Marchex once again hosted the monthly Scala at the Sea meetup. Engineering teams at Marchex have widely adopted the Scala ecosystem, so we are thrilled to welcome the local community to our space. Events like this are opportunities for engineers and technical staff to come together and exchange ideas, grow, and network. This month’s meetup featured a talk by Yifan Xing, who flew in from Boston to speak to the local tech community about asynchronous programming in Scala.

Yifan explained the underlying concepts of asynchronous and synchronous code before highlighting some of the features of two commonly used libraries for writing asynchronous code: Scala Futures and Monix Tasks. While asynchronous code is powerful – in effect, letting your programs multitask – its drawback is its complexity. Debugging asynchronous code is notoriously painful, so Yifan provided some helpful tips and welcomed further input from the community for ideas and tooling around this shared problem.

Here at Marchex we use both Futures and Tasks to write asynchronous code in the service of building more responsive applications. If you want to join an engineering organization tackling big challenges and committed to learning, we are hiring. Join us here.