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September Blog Highlights

As the traditional back-to-school month, September is synonymous with new learnings. With that in mind, Marchex Marketing and the Marchex Institute hosted a webinar to share learnings from the Institute’s latest research on conversation trends. Read the recap where you can also find a link to the on-demand version:

September’s featured article

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Conversation Trends Across America and How You Can Capitalize on Them





The learning continues in October with conferences across a variety of industries including Home Services, Senior Living and Automotive. If you missed part 1 of our Home Services series by Lindsay Calkins, you can check it out here:

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Get the most out of leads to your professional contractor network

(Stay tuned for the second installment publishing later this week.)



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Attending SMASH? Review our 4-part Senior Living series: Marketing in the senior living space





Heading to JD Power? Get insights for the auto industry: Inbound phone calls and the automotive industry – what you need to know




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Find your target customer: The easy way to target call-based audiences on Facebook





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