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The easy way to target call-based audiences on Facebook

Social media has clearly changed the way businesses reach customers. With the number of active Facebook users worldwide currently sitting at 2.23 billion users each month, it’s hard to ignore a potentially massive and engaged audience. But how do you reach the specific audience that you want?

The importance of creating custom audiences

As marketers, getting our message to the consumer or decision maker is our key objective. We don’t want to waste our limited marketing budget on an audience that doesn’t care about our product or service. The Facebook Audience Insights tool offers marketers the ability to segment audiences and create a persona of a perfect consumer or decision maker. Now you’ve got an audience persona to work with and can begin targeting your marketing based on this audience. From there, you can take it another step and upload potential or existing leads or customers from your CRM into Facebook Custom Audiences.

The challenge of formatting the data

Creating a Custom Audience on Facebook is one of the best ways to reach a target audience. Unfortunately, it is cumbersome for the digital marketer. Leads are usually delivered via an unwieldy spreadsheet with email addresses—and for call-based businesses—mobile phone numbers. All the ingredients a digital marketer needs to create a Facebook Custom Audience are there, but the data is rarely ever formatted properly to upload into Facebook without causing errors. While there are “spreadsheet wizards” out there to help simplify formatting, the process can take valuable time, and, at its worst, lead to errors that miss your target audience. Even worse for call-based marketers, it’s typically the phone numbers that aren’t in the required format.

The ease of Marchex Audience Targeting

There are two major advantages to Marchex Caller-based Audience Targeting. First, phone number data on callers to your business can be automatically aggregated, anonymized and uploaded to your Facebook Custom Audiences. No formatting and no “spreadsheet wizardry” required! Second, a Forrester report from last year revealed that the best customers are those who initiate a phone call. For call-based businesses, retargeting these high-intent prospects with social media marketing can be a lucrative next step. We know this audience is most likely to make a purchase, so here’s an opportunity to turn a missed phone call into a sale via social media.

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