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Today’s Call Analytics: From tracking media spend to analyzing customer intent

Whether you’re tracking where your calls come from, or uncovering what happens once callers connect, today’s call analytics have come a long way since businesses began counting calls. In fact, calls to businesses are on the rise. BIA/Kelsey predicts over 169 billion mobile calls to business by 2020.  Given this outlook, gleaning insights from this inbound stream should be a priority for businesses that rely on calls.

What you can learn from call data

Call data can produce a variety of metrics depending on what you want to learn. As calls enter your business, you can measure call volume, call process effectiveness and marketing performance. Once calls have been answered, you can measure caller intent, agent performance, and caller sentiment. In addition, other data can be gleaned to help you better understand your callers and find more like them.

Call Analytics in action

Curious how it all works? Call Analytics existed before we even had mobile phones. Marketers, then and now, who implement traditional tactics such as direct mail need a way to know if their campaigns are working.  To find out, they can assign a specific phone number to the asset to learn how many calls it drives. Based on call tracking, this strategy can help you understand the performance of a particular tactic.

For digital campaigns that use paid search or landing pages, for instance, you can measure which ad, or even which keyword, drove the call. You can gain comprehensive insights into the caller’s journey, which rarely happens in a linear fashion. With these insights, you can optimize your media spend toward your high-performing channels.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), speech analytics technology is available to provide visibility into phone calls after they’re answered. Speech Analytics can surface insights such as the purpose of each call, how agents perform and even what kept the caller from closing the deal.

As media options and call technology have evolved, Call Analytics have evolved also. Today’s Call Analytics provide marketers with more tools than ever to gain a 360-degree view of inbound phone traffic.

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