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Travel sites: Get the calls you want; not the ones you don’t

Your company offers a wide range of experiences, and most are simple to book. For the more complex items like group bookings, you have agents standing by to help. These specialists can coordinate flights for a crowd, book hotel rooms in multiple locations, schedule ground transportation or unique experiences. But are the callers who need your agents’ time reaching them? Or are they in the phone queue behind a weekend traveler looking for a last-minute flight to Napa?

Today’s Call Analytics have come a long way since marketers first began counting calls. Originally offered to provide attribution to marketing channels, Call Analytics have evolved to surface insights at every stage of the customer journey. And these insights go beyond learning what channel the call came from; with today’s AI-powered Call Analytics, you can learn why a prospect called, how your agent handled the call and what the outcome was.

Learn why callers reach out

With speech-powered call analytics, you can discern the intent of the call. Understanding the purpose of calls overall can help you spot trends, such as a process breakdown or knowledge gap on your website or other digital properties empowering you to take action.

Learn how agents handle calls

Advanced Analytics can help you measure calls to evaluate agent, location or script performance. Understand what works, and use these learnings to update training or revise call scripts for optimum impact.

Learn what the outcome was

Discover which calls convert to bookings and why. Optimize your marketing initiatives to find more prospects like those who convert to customers.

Your business has evolved to meet the demands of omni-channel customers. And Call Analytics has evolved to provide actionable insights throughout the customer journey.

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