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Turning callers into customers at your dealership

This is a follow-up blog to our blog, How auto dealers can convert inbound phone calls into sales.

In our post last week, we explored ways to ensure all inbound calls are answered and responded to successfully. In this post, we highlight findings from our latest auto research report that focuses on the dealer’s ability to increase sales by getting the most from each call that connects with the business.

By analyzing caller intent to purchase and measuring the performance of salespeople on actual sales calls, dealerships can take actionable steps to better engage customers at the moment they are interacting with the dealership, usually a critical step in the path to purchase. This post dives deeper on measuring salesperson performance.

Key research findings in the latest report show a strong correlation between high-performing salespeople and customers who make appointments. In fact, the research showed the highest-performing salespeople set appointments 12 percent more often than the lowest-performing salespeople. This means that those who answer inbound sales calls can impact how likely a caller is to come to your dealership.

So, how is call-handling measured? Salesperson performance on phone calls can be measured against a predetermined set of questions the dealership uses to guide the caller to take the next step. Often, that next step is a visit to the showroom. A salesperson who can genuinely answer a caller’s questions on inventory, alternative options, feature differences, and financing can move the potential buyer to the trial phase by offering an appointment.

A salesperson without this knowledge can inadvertently frustrate the caller who may simply hang up and dial another dealership. At the very least, the caller is less likely to take the next step since they don’t have the information they need to act.

What gets measured, gets improved. If call handling isn’t a focus, the business is likely not making the most of its opportunities and is likely losing share to others that are focusing on getting the most out of valuable inbound leads.

To learn how more about measuring call-handling performance and to learn how caller intent can be measured, check out the full report:

Marchex Auto OEM Study 2019: Optimize for caller intent and sales performance

And if you’re attending J.D. Power Automotive Summit in San Francisco this week, look for the Marchex team at the networking happy hour events to gain more insights on optimizing the phone touchpoints of the modern-day auto buying journey.