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Using direct mail? Here’s how you measure effectiveness.

While we may live in an increasingly digital-centric world, traditional marketing tactics aren’t going away. Marketers across industries still rely on print ads, billboards, and direct mail. In fact, for some industries such as senior living and finance, direct mail is a must-have in the marketing toolbox.

Why use direct mail


Direct mail has been around for a long time and the fact that some marketers still rely on this established channel could be a testament to its effectiveness. Yet, as insights into digital marketing grow and marketing is on the hook to deliver hard ROI metrics, many professionals struggle to justify direct mail’s high cost.

This is why leading marketers utilize modern technology to treat direct mail the same way they would any other digital channel. They secure budgets through clear measurements and optimizations of traditional marketing to see if response rates are higher than other channels.

How to measure the impact

What you need to determine is what action you want the recipient to take. Often, that action is a phone call. When interested potential customers become aware of your product or service, they typically want more information. A phone call can be the course of least resistance, especially if a phone number is printed on the asset you send.

But how can you tell if a call is in response to your mailer? Or which mailer yields the highest responses? The answer is Call Analytics. For source-level attribution – that is, learning what channel drives the call—you simply use a specific phone number for the marketing channel you wish to track.

Essentially, your call analytics provider can assign a tracking number that you can then print on your mailer, and then all call traffic to that number is tracked. You can learn how many calls your direct mail campaign generated. Compare this amount with how many mailers you sent to learn your response rate. Depending on how you manage your data, you can also learn how many of these callers eventually became customers.

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