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What home services businesses can gain from Call Analytics

While home services businesses can range from landscaping experts to moving truck rentals, finding customers for these types of companies is often heavily dependent on phone calls. Whether your focus is on home security, moving services, or window treatments, getting the most phone calls for your marketing budget and converting as many callers as possible is likely a top priority.

Driving more phone calls with the same budget

Search and display ads are a mainstay in the digital marketer’s toolbox. However, many times the next step you want the prospect to take is to call. While it’s easy to learn how many clicks your ad received, what you really want to know is what keyword or channel drove the call. With this knowledge, you can optimize campaigns and budget for this outcome. Call Analytics can tell you which keyword drove the phone call. Once you learn what’s performing, you can optimize campaigns and budget for this outcome.

Optimize the caller journey

Now that you’ve optimized your media campaigns to drive more calls, the next step is to make sure those calls are handled effectively to achieve the best outcome. This is where advanced analytics technology comes in. Using machine learning, Call Analytics platforms can provide an overview of all your calls, so you can learn things such as which key phrases indicate a higher likelihood of conversion, how agents are handling calls, and how many opportunities are lost. These capabilities can be especially useful to franchise and other multi-location businesses where it’s more difficult to get a view across the business.

 Provide an excellent experience across stores

Managing across multiple locations can be challenging. Historically, measuring call handling across stores meant listening to every call, which was not scalable and probably not even possible. To keep costs and resources in check, call sampling had to suffice but had its own share of limitations. Today’s Call Analytics technology lets you learn what happens on every call in real time so you can take action as needed to optimize call handling and the customer experience.

Without Call Analytics, marketers can lose phone call conversions simply because they don’t know where to focus their marketing budget. And for the calls that do connect, how your firm handles the call can make the difference in getting a sale.

To learn how Call Analytics can help optimize the number of calls and conversions you receive, download our one-sheet for Home Services.