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What’s keeping you from selling? Optimize calls to maximize revenue.

Calls are part of the path to purchase in many industries. Customers who call you tend to buy more, make a purchase quicker and remain a customer longer than customers from other channels, according to research by Forrester. The fact is, not every item is a commodity. Customers still call to order flowers and contact lenses, or to ask if an auto part or furniture item is in stock before visiting the store. How your staff handles these calls can be the difference between a sale for you and a sale lost to your competitor.

Optimizing the call experience is important, especially if you offer high-price tag or custom items. So, how can you ensure every call has the best chance of converting to a sale?

Consider these steps to get the most of inbound calls:

  1. Learn what media drives calls
  2. Adjust your budget to optimize for inbound phone traffic
  3. Find out why some calls achieve the desired outcome—and why some don’t
  4. Address any process or performance issues within your call routing system
  5. Optimize your phone scripts to improve the chances of a sale
  6. Train company representatives to follow approved scripts and best practices
  7. Retarget callers who don’t convert initially

Wondering how to perform some these steps? Use Call Analytics.

Call Analytics not only provides information at a macro-level (volume of calls, where they came from and how they performed) but can also provide insights into what happened at a micro level.

Analytics can show why a call succeeded or failed, so you can act. Call Analytics can also surface trends as they unfold so you can address them. Keywords and phrases that indicate a high rate of conversion can be woven into your phone scripts. Then, employees or agents can be trained to follow the scripts. You can also gain caller data that allows you to create like audiences on social media, so you can target potential customers. Call Analytics offers a broad range of insights that can help your company maximize revenue and opportunity at every stage of the phone journey.

To learn more about the range of today’s Call Analytics offerings, download our Call Analytics Solutions Guide.