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Why calls matter

With e-commerce on the rise, you may wonder how much calls matter anymore. But the fact is, customers expect to reach you via the channel of their choice, the time of their choice and the device of their choice when they’re ready to engage. In fact, recent research by Forrester found that while marketers average 7.7 channels to engage with customers, those who called turned out to be the most valuable. Here’s why this is important:

Marketers strive to be customer-centric

The Forrester research found that nearly 80 percent of marketers believe it is highly important or critical to maximize customer relationships. Yet 60 percent found doing so to be highly challenging; not surprising since they have roughly eight channels to manage. Improving the customer journey, and especially optimizing the phone journey, is worth the effort. Here’s why:

Customers who call are the most valuable

Marketers in the study indicated that customers who reach their business by phone spend more than customers from other channels. In fact, inbound callers spend 28 percent more! And that’s not all. Callers convert to customers 30 percent faster than prospects from other channels. They also remain loyal to your business longer with a retention rate 28 percent higher than other channels. Why is this?

Customers who call have a higher intent to take action

Think about it: why do you make a phone call? Often it comes down to two reasons:

  1. Convenience – You are searching on your mobile device, find what you want, decide to take action and respond to a click-to-call ad or a call extension displayed on the screen. One touch and you’re within minutes of achieving your desired outcome.
  2. High-value transaction – You are shopping for a big-ticket item, a custom package or a service you need to discuss. Some items simply can’t be purchased comfortably via e-commerce. They require a conversation to understand details, to set up an appointment or to describe a service-related issue. Travel packages, auto sales, home service appointments, insurance quotes and other industry offerings rely on the phone as an important channel for engaging with customers.

Calls matter and are more valuable than other channels to businesses in many industries. If your business relies on phone calls to gain new customers, call handling should be a priority.

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