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Why Telco sales and Call Analytics technology go hand in hand

While it may seem obvious, companies that provide telecommunications capabilities such as cell phone or VOIP services are often heavily reliant on calls themselves when it comes to finding new customers. When customers want to learn about phone plans, they tend to call. It may begin with a display ad, a TV commercial or a paid search impression, but the next step in the path to purchase is usually a phone call to a rep who can help them get started. Data from calls is a valuable trove of information that can help Telco companies optimize marketing efforts, improve call center operations and refine the customer experience.

Optimize your marketing budget

Measuring the performance of call extensions and click-to-call ads extend beyond counting clicks. You can learn which keyword drives the most calls and which channel performs best. Call Analytics shines a light on the offline blindspot that can happen when customers leave the digital realm via a phone call. You can get insights to take advantage of today’s modern marketing opportunities.

Improve call center operations and the customer experience

In addition to optimizing marketing spend to drive more calls, Call Analytics can help improve the operations side of the phone call once it’s received. Speech analytics technology can analyze inbound calls at scale and uncover patterns not visible before. Learn which key phrases indicate a high intent to purchase and revise agent scripts to drive to that outcome. Understand which agents are high performing and leverage their best practices. One Marchex Telco customer uncovered an operational issue that prevented its team from closing deals. The company pinpointed the issue and resolved it.

Drive more calls to your call centers

Much about marketing depends on volume. Telco companies are no exception. X number of calls results in Y number of leads, and Z number of new customers. For Telco providers looking to drive additional quality calls to their business beyond what their marketing is generating, one option is to buy more calls.  A call marketplace can drive calls to your business according to your parameters. Cost-per-call from a marketplace is typically less than the company achieves on its own.

Call Analytics can help solve a variety of today’s marketing challenged by providing visibility into the offline actions of customers who connect over the phone.

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