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Why you need to get to know your inbound callers

For companies who do business over the phone, the goal of the marketing department is clear: drive more phone calls. The good news is, consumers will always choose the easiest path to purchase and a lot of times that means making a call. Digital ads that drive phone calls are very convenient and nearly everyone carries a phone. Even as consumers perform research on mobile devices, they will almost always place a call when purchasing something with a higher price point, like a car, an insurance policy or a travel package. Research shows that customers who call are typically high-intent customers with a much higher likelihood to convert.

So why do companies hamstring their marketing efforts by neglecting to understand the calls they’re already receiving? AI-powered call analytics, also called speech analytics, can provide insights into what happens on every call. For today’s omnichannel marketers, it’s critical to understand and respond to exactly what’s going on when a customer calls their business.

Why complete data matters

Call analytics solutions range from basic to advanced. Basic solutions begin with call tracking; that is, counting the number of calls to a specified phone number. You gain insights into the volume of calls you receive to specific phone numbers.

But, think about what’s NOT revealed by this insight: How many calls resulted in a sale? What happened during the call? How much time was spent on hold? Did the sales agent contribute to the sale, or did the sale happen in spite of the agent?

It’s insights like these that allow you to optimize performance and get more out of your marketing dollars. In addition to knowing the number of calls received, you can also learn what happens on each call. With this data, you can learn what works to convert a customer and scale these practices globally across your organization.

How optimizing the caller experience helps supports the bottom line

By using call data to learn what happens on calls, Meineke Car Care Centers achieved a cost-effective way to measure store performance. They addressed underperforming stores with additional training and increased their bottom line.

Marketing today is a highly competitive endeavor, and if your business doesn’t understand why customers call, you may be missing opportunities to increase revenue. By using data you already collect to make better decisions, you can give your business a competitive advantage in your industry.

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