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Winning in the Moment of Truth: The Marchex Advantage

Marketing is all about driving leads. For marketers who rely on callers for revenue, leads come in the form of phone calls. So, you spend your budget to drive calls and when your marketing works, you have a channel of callers on the line. How do you maximize your investment and convert these callers into customers?

At Marchex, we call that phone interaction between caller and business the Moment of Truth. And our mission is to help our customers win as many of these Moments as possible.

Marchex helps customers optimize Moments of Truth in several ways.

  • We reveal callers with high intent to purchase
  • We uncover caller insights you can use to optimize campaigns
  • We break down lost opportunities so you can take action to improve the customer journey
  • We measure agent or location performance

We can also help you optimize your marketing that drives callers to that Moment of Truth

  • We help you streamline the call routing process for an excellent customer experience
  • We provide full attribution of marketing across tactics so you know what channels are working
  • We can measure your marketing media down to the keyword so you can optimize campaigns and budgets

And, if you just want more calls – more chances to win in the Moment of Truth:

  • We can drive additional high-quality sales calls to your business from channels you aren’t currently reaching

Whether you are interested in learning what happens on calls, optimizing budget and channels that generate calls, or driving more calls than you are currently, Marchex can help.

To learn more about Call Analytics and the challenges they solve, download our new eBook:

Capitalizing on the Moment of Truth: The Marchex Advantage