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Zillow Sees Surge in Agent Engagement and Satisfaction with Marchex® Sonar

As a leading online marketplace for housing, Zillow enables real estate agents to grow their business by advertising on the Zillow marketplace. Zillow strives to deliver an excellent experience for its real estate agent customers.

Existing SMS tool downtime provides a poor customer experience

SMS messaging enables the Zillow Sales team to connect with agents who want to advertise and is a key component of the communication strategy since agents are often on the go.

“We basically have two customers,” explains Capri Jensen, Sales Operations Manager at Zillow. “We have our sales teams who we want to enable, and our partners—the agents that we sell to. SMS is really to foster the connection between our sales teams and our partners.”

Unfortunately, Zillow’s existing SMS tools faced excessive downtime, causing friction in the customer experience.

Zillow deploys Marchex® Sonar seamlessly

Since other teams at Zillow were already using Sonar successfully, the Sales Ops team chose Sonar for their SMS platform.

The Sonar team worked hand in hand with Zillow’s operations team to implement the mobile messaging solution in the Zillow environment. One of the distinguishing factors of a Sonar implementation is a hands-on approach to deployment.

“Getting Sonar up and running was a great experience.”

Briar Rose Kepiro
Operations Manager, Premier Agent Support

To foster adoption, Jensen wanted to impress upon the sales team that the end goal was an easy‑to‑use platform that helped foster communication with customers.

“Just as an individual would call or email or text anybody in their own personal life, salespeople can meet the agent in their preferred method of communication,” she explains.

Sonar’s reliability helped facilitate adoption, and its integration with Zillow’s Salesforce instance streamlines the sales process. Sonar enables messaging with prospects from within Salesforce, and captures data automatically. When a sales representative is reviewing an account, they can see information such as previous conversations, the phone number used, and whether the customer has recently worked with the support team.

Platform uptime, customer engagement and satisfaction surge with Sonar

Sonar has delivered 3 key results for Zillow:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys continually show the team is meeting or exceeding customer experience goals
  • Platform reliability for 2020 was 99.9 percent uptime!
  • Engagement rates from agents are as high as 98% consistently

This means when a Zillow rep reaches out to a prospect or when a prospect or customer goes to connect with Zillow, the conversation happens nearly every time.

With Sonar, it’s seamless for a partner to contact and interact with a real person at Zillow via text, whether the issue is related to sales or support. A typical sales conversation moves across phone, email and text channels, so knowing that agents respond well to text helps the sales team make quick transactional deals when the time is right.

To learn more about Marchex Sonar and how it can help your business, contact us today.