What is a call extension?

A call extension is a one-click shortcut in a search ad, so customers can easily place a call to your business.


Why Use Call Extensions

Search engine marketers know they have a problem: their mobile ads drive to landing pages with low conversion rates, even though the best customers call into their business over the phone. Even if the customer manages to find the phone number on the website, marketers lose all visibility into which campaigns drove those calls, which keywords have the highest conversion rates, and how much revenue marketing really generated from SEM.

Adding call extensions to paid search ads closes the gap between the online world of digital advertising and the offline world of business conversations.

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More Clicks, Better Visibility

A call extension is a type of dynamic call tracking number that, when dialed, places a call into a business. On mobile, customers can click this number directly to start a call. Studies show that call extensions can decrease cost-per-lead by 40%.

For marketers, setting up a unique call extension for each search campaign, ad group, or keyword provides visibility into which marketing strategies are driving inbound calls. That way, you can optimize your paid search budget, not just for clicks or landing page conversions, but for high-intent customer interactions.

When coupled with a call analytics solution, marketers can close the loop on which calls resulted in a sale, so you can place call extensions on your most valuable ads and spend budget where it matters most.

Marketers strive to be customer-centric

Forrester research found that nearly 80 percent of marketers believe it is highly important or critical to maximize customer relationships. Yet 60 percent found doing so to be highly challenging; not surprising since they have roughly eight channels to manage. Improving the customer journey, and especially optimizing the phone journey, is worth the effort.

Make the Most of Call Extensions

Start with one of your current paid search campaigns, especially one that drives high-intent leads or receives a lot of mobile traffic. Place a unique call extension on each ad group. From there:

  1. Refine your keyword list and shift budget to prioritize ad groups driving sales calls.
  2. Create ad variations on your best ad groups to encourage more calls. In Google Ads, you can even test a call-only ad for mobile.
  3. Increase revenue by using dynamic call tracking numbers on your landing pages as well.

Call Extensions are often the first step in Call Analytics.

Learn more about how call analytics can help you increase revenue.

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