Website Click-to-Call

Using call numbers on your website to drive more conversions


What are click-to-call CTAs?

Converting visitors on your website comes in many varieties and one of your choices as a marketer is the click-to-call button, the dominant conversion path for mobile traffic.

Click-to-call actions are a direct result of the massive adoption of mobile phones in the last decade. Initially phone numbers were added to the websites of local brick-and-mortar stores or found in online directories. As consumer acceptance of mobile advertising took off, new formats evolved to keep pace with the demands of mobile consumers.

Who should use click-to-call?

These actions make sense for businesses who rely on phone calls for revenue. Typically, these businesses are in industries with high-margin products or big ticket price tags. For instance, a customer may research autos or travel packages online, but they are likely to make a phone call to inquire if a particular car is in stock before visiting the showroom, or they may want to modify a travel package to better fit their needs. These customers are already searching online. By using click-to-call, a business makes it easy for the customer to take the next step in the purchase process. Other industries such as home services, insurance, cable and satellite, and wireless telecom can also benefit.

Click-to-call formats

Click-to-call options come in several varieties and can be showcased on your website in multiple ways:

Click-to-Call button across your website
No matter where the customer interacts on your website, include a click-to-call number in the header or other prominent location on every webpage.

Call-only landing pages
Why show your visitors a form on your mobile webpage, when most mobile conversions end in a phone call anyway? Redirect your mobile traffic to a phone number call-to-action.

Click-to-Call search results
Before your customers even reach your website, give them a way to contact you as soon as possible. Update your Google Business search listing, and use call extensions in search ads to let your customer call you in as few clicks as possible.