Marchex Call Analytics Essential Edition

Track calls as accurately as clicks. Learn how effective your digital marketing strategies are at driving calls to your business.

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Do you know which marketing strategies are driving your best customers to call?

You’re hitting all your usual channels

Search, web banners, direct mail. Now comes the fun part, parsing the results. How do you know which media generates the most calls? The answer to this question, and many more, is Call Analytics.

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Optimize your marketing spend to drive more revenue from calls

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Marketing attribution

Prove that your marketing strategies are working by connecting your media to calls

Google functionality

Dynamic tracking

Set up rules to do 1:1 replacement for distinct numbers on your website

Fraud prevention

Block spam with our patented Clean Call® caller ID technology

How It Works

Getting started with Marchex is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Get your numbers

Get local or toll-free tracking phone numbers to place into any ad campaign

2. Generate phone calls

Consumers see your ad and respond by making a phone call

3. Learn from your results

Marchex tracks your campaign performance and you receive a full report you can take action on



Hear from our customers

Chuck Tilton

The value we get is the technology Marchex provides and how easy it is to integrate with.

Chuck Tilton
Director, Agency & Partner Operations, CDK Global