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Gain keyword-level attribution for all your customer calls.

Measure which keywords drive conversions from customers who call you from call extensions on your paid search ads.


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100% keyword-level attribution

Track and measure which keywords drive conversions from customers who call directly from call extensions on your paid search ads.

Optimize for call conversion

Lower new customer acquisitions costs by up to 43%.

Seamless integration

Marchex integrates with leading search bid management platforms to provide real-time actionable keyword-level data.

Actionable customer insights

Optimize your search campaigns with automatic high intent signals powered by Marchex speech recognition technology

Discover Marchex Search Analytics

Understand what motivates a buyer to call your brand.

Find the insights you need to optimize your search campaigns.

Marchex Search Analytics integrates seamlessly with the bid management platform you already use, so you can see which keywords are driving calls.

How search attribution works

Data that shows which searches drove calls to your business is integrated with the industry’s leading bid management platforms, which automatically synchronizes with  your campaign structures and changes.

Client integration

We make it easy for you by integrating with the industry’s leading bid management platforms. All platforms automatically synchronize with campaign structures and changes.

marchex segment your data

Pick the package that’s right for you

Whether you’re just getting started with search analytics or are managing thousands of keywords, Marchex has a solution that works for your business.


Hear from our customers

The only solution that could accurately provide keyword-level attribution, which produced 43% greater media efficiency and 50% more sales.

Brad Roberts, VP of Marketing at Allconnect

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G2 Crowd Reviews

  • Executive Sponsor in Information Technology and Services

    Marchex is at the Top of the Class

    "We use Marchex specifically for Search tracking (although we know they offer so much more) and love the fact that we can drill down each call by each specific keyword."
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  • Agency in Marketing and Advertising

    Marchex user for 10 years

    "I have used Marchex for 10 years. The service is incredible whenever I have a question or a minor problem. Letting my clients know whenever they get a call reinforces the value we provide. The monthly reports directly to my clients keeps them coming back month after month. The ability to listen to calls is amazing when a client suspects the worst. I have been able to save every client complaint with tangible results and the names of leads that have come in. The system has helped my business grow and to maintain existing customers for years."
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  • Susan Long K.

    Internet Marketing Coach at Nexstar Network

    Superb Customer Service

    "We have had a private label Marchex platform for 5-6 years. Customer service has always been outstanding -- quick response, exceptionally helpful and good follow-up."
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  • Kevin S.

    COSSD Manager at JWN Energy

    Usage is key to ad sales and Marchex is key to showing usage!

    "The flexibility, reporting and analytics all come together with Marchex Call Tracking! I have employed the services of Marchex in the last three companies to track, measure and prove usage in various advertising formats. We have also used the Marchex Tracking Numbers to measure responses to our own advertising. The reports are detailed, visual and simple to understand."
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  • John K.

    Internet Marketing Analyst

    Very Good Platform for Call Tracking

    "Keyword Level Tracking is essential for any pay per click advertising you run and Marchex offers a very simple, easy to set up and easy to use solution. We were able to double our conversion rates and improve Clients' ROI consistently when using Marchex for call Tracking. Outstanding Customer Service."
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