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Introducing the new Marchex Speech Analytics Executive Overview Dashboard

Gain a full view into the impact customer calls are having on day-to-day operations.

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Discover Marchex Speech Analytics

Watch how to convert more callers into customers using actionable intelligence from every call.

See KPIs from all your calls at-a-glance

The new Marchex Speech Analytics Executive Overview Dashboard makes it faster and easier for companies to view actionable insights from their calls in one convenient comprehensive view. It features a range of capabilities and analytics tools exclusive to Marchex Speech Analytics customers including:

    • Trend chart: insights from high intent and lost opportunity customer calls


    • Interesting calls breakout: listen to interesting customer calls on demand


    • Time of day chart: get a consolidated view of customer conversations by day and hour


    • Leaderboard: capture top and bottom sales performers across key KPIs


    • Call table: displays an aggregated roll-up of all speech signals


marchex speech analytics new dashboard

Understand what happens on every call

Marchex Speech Analytics helps you know what happened on every call so you can quickly optimize your marketing and media spend to drive more of the phone calls that convert to customers.

Optimize your telesales team performance

Confirm sales scripts are being followed to ensure qualifying leads from marketing are closed successfully and that agents are properly trained.  Identify high-performing reps and leverage their best practices.

More reliable than IBM's Watson (Source: Gigaom)

With Marchex Speech Analytics you can understand, at scale, what’s happening on inbound calls so you can quickly optimize your marketing and media spend to drive only the phone calls that convert into customers.

Hear from our customers

Jim Bechtell

“When General Motors rolled out Marchex Speech Analytics, we were amazed at the insights it provided. We are using this product every day to better understand our sales agent behaviors and to improve our customers’ buying experience.”

–  Jim Bechtell, VP & GM at Somerset Buick GMC Inc.

See what our customers are saying about Marchex

G2 Crowd Reviews

  • Kat R.

    Already Recommended - Y'all make life easy

    "Affordable. Easy to use. Customer Service is better than any other. I've always had prompt help. Staff is knowledgeable and easy to understand. AND THE CALL DNA!! When you got that, it was SO GREAT to visually be able to hop around calls, see how many rings we take to answer, and more. Really great stuff."
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  • Jason M.

    Director of Digital Marketing

    Best in Class

    "DNA transcription service is fantastic."
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  • Mike P.

    Principal at MPPM Consulting


    What do you like most about Marchex? "Easily navigate reports, call recordings. I appreciate their Call DNA and prevention of autodialers"
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  • Aaron L.

    Chief Technology Officer at Potenza Inc.

    Sophisticated, reliable call tracking technology

    "The call DNA feature is a fantastic visualization for our client which helps them better understand how incoming call leads are being managed (or mismanaged) by their support staff."
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  • Agency in Insurance

    Marchex is very user friendly.

    "Marchex allows me to identify sales agents missed opportunities. Once identified I have other agents call out customers to 'save the deal.'"
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