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Work, the Marchex Way

Want to help change the way marketers work and help them find the best customers for their brand? We do, too.

What you do here at Marchex each day makes an impact—to your clients, your team, and your career. We’re strengthening the connection between companies and their customers by bridging the world of digital marketing through the phone call. It’s exciting—and gratifying.

We’re in a sweet spot; we’re the market leader in growing space of call analytics, but we’re also small enough to act nimbly, take smart risks, and get things done. When it comes to what guides us, it’s simple: we take care of those who work here. We work hard at furthering our collective success—and fostering fun.

Whether you are just starting your career or bringing years of experience to the table, we’d love to talk if you’re excited to push yourself, and our company, to the next level.

Find Your Fit

Here are the principles that guide us every day when we come to work.

We own the problem

We are decisive self-starters. We aren’t afraid to make decisions or take calculated risks to help our customers or our company.

We work as a team

We always work as a team and put our co-workers and our customers before any personal agendas. Our motivation is to get the best answer and to help our people learn so they can move the company forward.

We’re transparent in our approach

We focus on open, frequent communication to help build trust and align on company priorities. We are transparent with both good and bad news, so we can learn together. We trust our employees and believe that they will use transparency to become better owners who are empowered to create solutions.

We think bigger

We set high goals and figure out how we can rise to reach them. We believe it’s better to fail at ambitious goals than to achieve an easy lay-up.

Employee Life at Marchex

Stephanie Savoia, Engineer—Building solutions while she builds her career.

100% talent gender equity initiative

Marchex is proud to be a signatory of 100% Talent, an initiative whose mission is to close the gender wage gap and create workplace equity. Together, Signatories share, learn, and expand on best practices that are rooted in data shown to close the gap, as well as inspiring action that individuals and organizations can take today to eliminate it.

In 2016, Marchex employees started VOICEs (Value, Openness, Ideas, Connection, Empowerment, Support), a diverse 60+ employee-based group made up of men and women from Marchex. The group regularly learns and participates in programs including speaking panels, networking events, mentorship programs, guest speakers, a book club, and more. The group’s mission is to positively encourage, evolve and honor women and diversity in the workplace. Learn more about VOICEs.