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3-Step Approach to Win Automotive Sales

Automotive dealers hoping to grow in 2023 should register to attend our live webinar on February 22nd featuring speakers Chris Spensley, Marchex Senior Automotive Marketing Specialist, and Anne-Marie Anderson, Marchex Director of Field Training, and learn our 3-step telephone communication strategy addressing operations, reception, and conversation. Our auto team’s method has helped thousands of dealers like yourself optimize their phone operations to increase value and revenue from their inbound sales calls.  

The first step dealers should take immediately to improve their telephone communication process is to simply answer every incoming call. Internal Marchex research has shown that the top dealerships average a 3% failed call rate. The best dealers deploy a series of strategies to ensure that no incoming call fails: replacing IVR systems with a live representative, never allowing the phone to ring more than three times (about 20 seconds), always taking messages, and utilizing warm transfers for incoming calls.  

The next ideal step for dealers to improve customer communication and increase revenue is using a conversational analytics tool. With a conversational intelligence platform like Marchex Spotlight, users can add all tracked calls to a single database. From there dealers can gain valuable insights such as which marketing channels are generating revenue, and which aren’t performing. They can use this information to refine their marketing strategy.  

Beyond simply tracking calls, dealers should go a step further and explore which agents and/or dealership locations perform well, and which need further improvement. Using analytics tools such as Marchex’ Engage for Automotive, dealers can extract granular insights from their incoming calls such as lead intent and conversation outcome, helping their sales teams prioritize the most promising leads and see what drives them. 

To stay ahead of the competition, dealers should also keep an eye open for Marchex Elevate™, our next evolution in training. With Marchex Elevate, business owners can provide their sales teams with customized learning plans to nurture more personal, productive relationships with customers.  

Register to join us in our live webinar on February 22nd at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET to learn about some simple adjustments your dealership can make to maximize overall revenue using our 3-step phone strategy. To learn more about Engage for Automotive, schedule a demo.