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3 steps to implementing your free Marketing Edge trial

Companies offer free trials so prospective customers can understand the value they’ll receive if they decide to buy the productTrying before buying can alleviate doubts and help users make an informed decision. 

At Marchex, we offer a 30-day free trial of our flagship conversational analytics platform, Marchex Marketing Edgeto remove the risk barrier and offer upfront affordability. This risk-free opportunity lets your team experience firsthand the clarity into the performance of campaigns that drive phone calls, and how to visualize your call data in tools you work with every day. You can try out the various reports and options to learn how your team can best interact with the platform.  

What to expect during the Marketing Edge free trial 

  • Humantohuman training and full-service onboarding 
  • A dedicated onboarding representative that will help you with the initial implementation and with items that surface during the training period 
  • Access to online tools and resources such as our comprehensive User Guide and Quick Start Guides 

The Marchex Marketing Edge 30-day free trial lets you test the platform with no risk to you.

Get started in 3 simple steps:  

  1. Kickoff call: Once you agree to a free trial, our onboarding team will reach out to you to schedule a kickoff call. During the callyou will be assigned an onboarding manager as your point of contact during the trial. First, your onboarding manager will work with you to learn which call features and integrations are required and determine which users need access to the account.  
  2. Setup and ImplementationWith this information, our onboarding team sets up your account so you can get started quickly. Setup includes establishing tracking numbers, ads and the corresponding feature sets in the Marketing Edge platform. Then, the team enables the features and integrations requestedsets up your users and provides your team access to the platform. 
  3. Education and Training call: Once your instance is ready, the onboarding team will set up a 1-hour call to walk you through the platform and provide instructions for your specific use case. 

What’s covered in the training 

The goal of the training is to show you around your specific instance within the platform and to hand it off for you to use 


Your campaigns will be set up so you can immediately start learning from them. The self-serve option for you to build campaigns and order numbers yourself is available, but your onboarding manager will get you set up initially for your trial so you have plenty of time to use the platform. We recommend that you set up different 5-6 campaigns to maximize the tracking of all your channels. 


The integrations that you requested will be set up in the tool. If there is setup work required in the 3rd party tool, the training will cover that as well. We recommend you configure integrations such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Hubspot so you can learn how to use your data within these toolsThe training session will also cover where and how to access help and reporting in the Marketing Edge platform.  

Resources available during the free trial 

During the entire trial period, you will have direct contact with your onboarding manager 

In addition to the training call, you will also have access to our robust online User Guide and the Quick Start Guides for key features like Integrations and Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). DNI is the technology that swaps a call tracking number in place of a marketing number, allowing you to capture the attribution data you need for budget and performance decisions.  

Next steps after the trial  

If, after 30 days, you decide to continue using Marchex Marketing Edge, the transition to becoming a customer is seamless: Choose between monthtomonth service or an annual contract and you will be connected with your ongoing long-term support team.  

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