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5 things you didn’t know call tracking could do

Today, if you are a marketer, it’s not enough for you to just generate leads. It’s also vital for you to identify the sources of your leads, so you know which of your campaigns are performing well and which aren’t. You need call tracking.

Call tracking helps identify which of your marketing campaigns triggered a particular call. Assign a unique virtual number to each lead source like landing pages, search ads or your website, and you will know how the caller found you. This data allows you to reallocate your spend to the best performing channels and optimize or even discontinue the laggards.

But call tracking can be used to do a lot more. The data collected from call tracking – call analytics – can be used to attribute leads and conversions with surprising accuracy, as well as optimize your marketing messages.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know call tracking could do:

1. Track Omnichannel Conversions

Customer journeys are rarely straightforward. Someone might click on your Facebook ad but might not call you immediately. Later, they might do a Google search, find your website and call you.

But how will you know that the Facebook ad played a role in triggering the Google search?

Call tracking and analytics technology understands whether the Facebook visit preceded the Google search in the customer journey, allowing you to make smarter, more informed media buying decisions.

2. Optimize PPC Keywords

You can use keyword-level attribution to know which keywords callers searched for before they clicked on your ad. You can assign a unique virtual phone number to be displayed to each unique visitor. That visitor would continue to see that same number whichever page they browse on your site. This number would also be tagged to the keyword which triggered your ad, telling you which keywords are leading to calls. You can use this data to optimize your bids.

3. Understand User Journeys

Using unique numbers for each visitor will also allow you to track each visitor’s journey through your website. This will allow you to understand exactly which pages and elements on your website are driving calls, as well as which pages are causing visitors to drop off. You can use this information to optimize your website.

4. Identify High-Intent Calls

Identify all calls that have a “high intent” to convert. By using keyword tracking with Marchex conversation intelligence as part of your Call Analytics platform, you can identify which keywords occur in high-intent conversations. You can optimize your ad bids according to quality of calls rather than volume, and dramatically increase your final conversion rates.

5. Allocate Sales Resources

Your call tracking data will tell you when you get the most qualified calls. Accordingly, you can make sure that you have enough inbound sales team members available during those times, so that you miss as few calls as possible.


Call Tracking can give you invaluable information that you can use to optimize your marketing spend, improve your marketing copy or even optimize your Salesforce lead scoring. It’s the next step towards generating better leads while spending less!

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