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Analyze Calls Automatically with Call Summaries

Marchex is excited to announce a new feature of the Marketing Edge product: Call Summaries. Sales and marketing teams no longer need to spend hours of their valuable time listening to phone calls or manually transcribing the dialogue from these conversations. Instead, our analytics powered by advanced generative AI can automatically extract important insights from call recordings and transcripts and use them to present a concise recap of the conversation.  

Key Benefits  

Call Summaries can be a useful tool because they can save a great deal of time. Our solution automatically does the tedious work of parsing information and making sense of customer calls for your sales and marketing teams. The call descriptions are laid out in plain terms: short, easy-to-read, and clearly stating the caller intent and call outcome. Next, teams can view Call Summaries at scale for a more detailed understanding of customer trends, common concerns, and typical wants and needs. Additionally, AI removes the natural human bias factor that can skew the accuracy of manual call descriptions, providing a more objective perspective on your customer calls.  

How Do Call Summaries Work? 

Call Summaries result from the analysis of call transcripts using generative AI. First, Marketing Edge generates call audio recordings and transcribes them. Then, cutting-edge AI identifies the most important details in the transcript, and uses this information to create a short, to-the-point description of the call. Finally, the Call Summary output is made available in the Marketing Edge UI, or via API, webhook, or custom CSV report.  

Here’s an example of a typical Call Summary: 

“The caller has a broken heating system and calls their HVAC provider. The representative on the phone records the caller’s address and lists available times for the maintenance appointment. The caller confirms that they are available for an appointment on November 13th from 10 to 2.” 

Learn More 

Call Summaries can take the menial tasks of listening to and manually transcribing calls off your teams’ plate and allow you to focus on building meaningful relationships with your customers. They are included in the Marketing Edge Optimum package. To learn more about how Call Summaries and/or Marketing Edge can help your team, schedule an appointment with us today.