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Conversation Intelligence — Your guide to answers.

In business, table stakes are the minimum entry requirement for a market or business arrangement. They can be price, cost model, technology, or other capabilities that represent a minimum requirement to have a credible competitive starting position in a market or other business arrangement.

At Marchex, we’re constantly moving the table stakes. While in the past, basic measurement of phone calls (quantity, duration, and caller ID information) was seen by many as amazing, we knew that we had more to offer businesses, lots more.

When we added call tracking (session-level and cross-channel attribution and measurement of all media sources), we weren’t satisfied either. Same thing when we rolled out Call Intelligence to help customers optimize their highest converting calls (speech analytics, transcription, and sentiment analysis). Most recently, we’ve expanded value with Conversation Intelligence.

Our award-winning Conversation Intelligence solution is the result of years of experience and delivers powerful, actionable insights for marketing and sales teams.

We help businesses:

  • Identify and understand new opportunities based on actual conversations
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Measure and optimize marketing performance
  • Identify and correct call handling issues impacting sales, marketing, and customer support operations.
  • Deliver more personalized and relevant experiences

Marchex is proud to be recognized for our innovative technology and best-in-class customer service. Some of our wins include:

“Marchex helped us connect spend to what drives a phone call, understand what happens on phone calls, and improve call handling.”

  • Melissa Sinclair, Vice President,  


Whether you’re interested in learning what happens on calls, optimizing budgets and marketing channels that generate calls, or driving more calls than you are currently, Marchex can help. Contact us today to learn more.