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Customer Relationships and the Auto Sale

For automotive dealers, fostering productive customer relationships is essential for continued business. Understanding what happens when someone calls your dealers and what happens on those calls is key to dealership success and one of the most effective solutions is to utilize call tracking and conversation analytics. Our team will be hosting a live webinar on February 22nd at 10AM PT/1PM ET to dive into the topic of call tracking and conversation analytics as one pillar of our 3-step method that has already helped scores of auto dealers increase revenue. 

Business owners often struggle to identify which communication and marketing outlets lead to more sales and which ones lose potential buyers. Without a way to organize existing phone conversations, pinning down these channels can seem nearly impossible. Call tracking tools like Marchex Spotlight can track calls, aggregate them in a single database, and provide the user with invaluable information regarding their communication methods, such as which channels perform best. Such insights can then be used to refine the marketing mix and reach customers in a way that best resonates with them based on the available data. 

Though tracking calls and the relative performance of different channels is certainly helpful, more information about the interactions during the calls would give a more complete picture of what’s working and what needs improvement at a dealership or any business. With platforms like Marchex Engage, auto dealers can not only track calls, but deeply analyze them and glean granular insights such as lead intent and conversation outcome. When dealers and salespeople have such detailed context in mind, they can more effectively communicate with prospects in a more personalized manner.  

Soon, dealers will also have the opportunity to gain access to Marchex Elevate™, which will allow them to provide their sales teams with custom learning plans to foster more positive and productive relationships with their customers.  

Don’t forget to register to join our live webinar later this month  with our own auto industry experts Anne-Marie Anderson, Marchex Director of Field Training, and Chris Spensley, Marchex Senior Automotive Marketing Specialist. They will explore our auto team’s signature 3-step approach for dealership sales and open the floor to answer any questions.