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Engage Job Applicants More Effectively with Business SMS

The great resignation is real, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January 2022 alone. Whether you are a staffing firm, employment agency, or an in-house recruiter, you are faced with the challenge of staffing qualified employees in this new competitive landscape. We’ve found that, when used correctly, SMS is the key to stand out amongst the rest and be heard.

Save everyone valuable time – The average recruiter calls 40-75 applicants a day, many of which end up in voicemail. This can morph into the usual game of phone tag. With SMS, your bandwidth is much larger with the potential for a hundred conversations running simultaneously. Texting is immediate, personalized, and effective. You’ll be able to get in front of a prospect, qualify them, and get them scheduled for an interview faster with SMS compared to a call. Take your recruiting to the next level by leveraging Marchex Sonar’s AI to qualify all incoming or outgoing conversations.

Check out this video to discover how Marchex Sonar works: Bots and Automation with Marchex Sonar

Leverage first-party data: You’ve qualified and matched the perfect prospect with an employer. What about all the other prospects that just missed the cut? Hopefully your applicants have opted into text communications from you and their data is stored in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This data can be leveraged by sending targeted mass texts to connect the perfect applicants to employers. Instead of sending a mass text to the entire group of applicants, try casting a smaller net by targeting applicants by location, skills, pay, certification, etc. This will give you a higher chance of finding a match and limit the number of messages you are sending.

Use texting across your organization: SMS is a powerful tool, and it can be utilized for lead qualification, sales & support, operations, and marketing. With so many departments, finding an SMS service that has multi-user capabilities is a must. You’ll want to make sure your employees have the freedom to send texts, but also the oversight to see and control what is being sent. Companies like Shiftsmart.Inc rely heavily on Marchex Sonar’s multi-user capabilities, in-depth team reporting, and 65+ roles and permission sets. Using these tools, Shiftsmart’s 25+ employees can fill shifts with ease.

Connect with your Stack: When looking for an SMS provider, it is important that it integrates with your current stack. The possibility of adding another application is less than ideal. Having everything in one place means you’ll need less time for training, have a quicker SMS response time, and your employees will be more likely to use the tool. Marchex Sonar offers a text messaging iFrame plug-in  so that you’ll never have to leave your CRM. The plug-in is an extension of Sonar placed conveniently alongside or within your technology channels. Sonar is directly integrated with COATS Staffing Software. If you are in need of staffing and recruitment software, COATS is worth a look.

The Marchex Sonar business texting platform is the most powerful and robust in the industry. Request a demo and see how you can enable and improve:

  • Sales Engagement & Client Support
  • Targeted Marketing & Follow-up Response
  • List Growth & Data Capture
  • Operations, including Alerts & Reminders


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