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Evaluating Call Analytics platforms? Consider the benefits of Marchex.

For 11 years and counting, Marchex has provided actionable insights to a variety of industries that consider consumer-to-business phone calls a valuable asset. As a company that keeps customers at the center of everything it does, Marchex invests heavily in product innovation to help businesses identify the right audiences, engage them with quality messages and enable their sales teams to successfully convert them. Below are a set of key capabilities of Marchex Call Analytics.

Basic Call Tracking

With over 50 types of downloadable reports on call data, Marchex call tracking solutions provide visibility into how effective your ads are at driving phone calls from prospective customers. You simply publish a Marchex call tracking number (CTN) into any ad, campaign, billboard or any consumer-facing media. Then as consumers call that CTN, Marchex technology allows you to track how well your campaigns or media are performing at generating calls. You can discover how hard your advertising budget is working, and learn where adjustments in the media mix are needed.

Conversation Intelligence

Marchex speech analytics technology leverages a proprietary set of machine and deep learning algorithms to analyze consumer-to-business phone calls and make intelligent predictions about a call’s outcome. Through an intuitive set of dashboards, Marchex is setting the standard for conversation intelligence with technology that scales to support millions of calls with far less integration and customization than other providers. Since its release, Marchex Speech Analytics has analyzed 100+ million calls, more than 400 million minutes, and nearly 4 billion utterances. Marchex conversation intelligence technology has been recognized as the industry leader in the Opus Conversation Intelligence Intelliview Report for its advanced AI, nearly-human transcription accuracy and real-time insights.

Omnichannel Analytics

Marchex omnichannel analytics helps to lift call volume, drive more sales, and reduce acquisition costs, leading to greater overall profitability. Omnichannel analytics connect a business’s multimedia strategy to the initiatives that drive customers to call. Learn where your best callers are coming from and gain a line of sight into the ROI of digital media channels that impact offline business results.


Marchex has a variety of integration partners to help ease the effort of merging call data with your enterprise marketing system and other applications like Google Analytics, Google Campaign Manager, Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Advertising. Marchex also partners with bid management platforms such as DS3, Kenshoo, Marin and Adobe Media Optimizer. In addition, you can also leverage a robust suite of APIs to extend the power of Marchex data into any system.

Enterprise Assurance

Marchex continuously upgrades its technology to ensure maximum uptime, security, scalability, and monitoring. Marchex infrastructure combines geographically diverse data centers with leading carriers to ensure system redundancy. Marchex also maintains a comprehensive information security program comprised of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect customer data, whether in transit or at rest. With these capabilities in place, Marchex helps businesses maintain a strong security and compliance posture along with the required capacity to address rapid growth.

Success Assurance

Marchex provides a straightforward, easy way for customers to get the most out of its Call Analytics solution. Receive guided expertise in the form of a dedicated Client Success Manager who manages customer campaigns end to end, accelerates the onboarding process and provides additional training as needed.

To gain more insights into the unique features of the Marchex Call Analytics platform, download our Call Analytics Solution Guide.