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Forrester Publishes New Report on Sales Engagement Solutions

Forrester recently published a new report, Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions, Q2 2022, which provides an overview of 29 sales engagement solution providers. The report helps revenue teams understand the value they can expect from a sales engagement solution and make informed decisions when selecting a sales engagement provider.

Forrester analysts Seth Marrs and Amy Hawthorne define the sales engagement category as, “Solutions that help sales, marketing, and post-sales personnel understand and manage their omnichannel touchpoints across the buying cycle. By automating and orchestrating manual repetitive tasks, sales engagement solutions deliver insights and tools that improve efficiency and effectiveness.”

Sales Engagement solutions with embedded AI can help users:

  • Understand preferred engagement channels
  • Identify missing contacts
  • Surface important account, contact, and opportunity insights

In the report, the authors outline the overlapping capabilities among vendors and categorizes each vendor by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus. They’ve defined the different areas of sales engagement as sales engagement platforms, marketing automation platforms, sales enablement, and revenue intelligence, with each vendor included in the report falling into one of these categories. Marchex is a participant in the sales engagement landscape and has been recognized in the report as a midsize solution, with revenue intelligence labelled as our primary functionality.

According to a blog post by the report authors, “Sales engagement platforms play a leading role in optimizing and improving sales and revenue development, operational efficiency, and outcomes. These platforms and their insights are enabling revenue teams with a single pane of glass to work from.”

If you are a Forrester client, you can download the report here: Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions, Q2 2022. It’s also available for purchase.

For more information about Marchex’s conversation intelligence capabilities visit our Sales Solutions page.