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Home Services at Marchex — A Year in Review

As we conclude 2023, let’s review the dynamic changes of the home services industry. 

From technological advancements to changing consumer preferences, the industry continues to experience significant transformations. In this year-in-review, we explore key trends and how Marchex has proactively engaged and responded in helping the home services industry navigate through these transformations.  

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Data analytics and AI have empowered home service companies to make data-driven decisions. At Marchex we recognize the importance of these analytics and have made significant advancements in 2023 and look forward to further advancements in 2024.  

The ability to analyze spoken interactions is crucial. Conversation analytics can help identify key insights from customer calls such as trends and sentiment. With Marchex’s automated categorization and tagging of calls, we help home services companies streamline the analysis process. This allows companies to quickly identify trends, common issues, and areas for improvement without manual sorting and listening to large volumes of recorded conversations. These insights can be used to identify areas where service representatives may require additional training or skill development. 

Our automated alerts can notify relevant stakeholders about urgent matters, enabling prompt responses. Action alerts allow teams to save more sales and increase revenue. 

Sentiment analysis can assess and classify the emotional tone of customer interactions. This insight can be valuable for understanding customer satisfaction, identifying pain points, and making data-driven decisions to improve overall service quality. 


Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Field Service Management software is essential. This can ensure that insights derived from conversation analytics can be directly applied to enhance customer interactions and overall operational efficiency. Marchex has extended the range of available integrations and is actively exploring enabling additional integrations during 2024. 

Customizable Dashboards and Reports 

A user-friendly interface with customizable dashboards and reports can allow home service companies to track and visualize key metrics easily. This may include call volume, issue resolution times, and other performance indicators relevant to the industry.  Utilizing our API, home service providers can also directly integrate valuable data into their business intelligence tools, enabling customized visualization. 

Evolving Customer Expectations 

In 2023, customers have increasingly come to expect a more personalized and streamlined experience. Home service providers leveraging Marchex technology have been able to offer more transparent communication with real-time updates. They have been able to build stronger relationships with their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.  

2023 has been a transformative one for the home services industry. From the widespread adoption of analytics and artificial intelligence to increased focus on sentiment analysis, home services companies have navigated a landscape marked by innovation and changing consumer expectation. As we look forward to 2024, the adaptability and commitment to meeting evolving customer needs will continue to be key drivers of success for this industry. The key is in the data. Marchex is dedicated to supporting the success of the home services industry through these transformations.