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How Call Tracking Can Help Your Business

Every single dollar spent in marketing is important. If you’re a decision maker, you want hard data and visibility into how your marketing strategy is working. Being able to see the results to maximize the money spent is crucial. In a perfect world, you want to see detailed data into which marketing campaigns are effectively delivering leads. If customers are calling your business, you ultimately want to see who’s calling, why they’re calling and whether the call resulted in a sale.

The solution is call tracking.

Businesses that rely on customer phone calls can gain a complete picture of how a customer came to connect with them by adding call tracking to their tech stack.

Call tracking allows you to assign a different local or toll-free phone number to every one of your marketing campaigns whether you use click-to-call ads or call extensions, have a number on your website, or use print advertising. These numbers are then forwarded to your main business number so your staff can answer calls just as if you had one single line. With call tracking, you can see where the phone traffic was generated from and which campaigns are performing best. You have insight into the who, why, where and what is going on in those calls.

Marchex call tracking software is an easy-to-use solution that can help your business in multiple ways.

Optimize Your Marketing Spend

Call tracking lets you know what marketing channels are performing. Stop throwing money at marketing without getting the full analysis of what is working. Replace the guesswork with hard data to see the return on your investment. With call tracking, you’ll gain clarity as to which ads are getting the most inbound leads, enabling  you to optimize your marketing budget . Call tracking is your answer to getting return on ad spend (ROAS).

Know Your Customer Better

To make the most of your marketing strategy, you need to have a firm grasp on who your customers are and how they’re interacting with you. With Marchex and our call tracking technology, you can see who’s calling, what they’re calling about, where they’re calling you from, and so much more. Get a better understanding of your customers so you can better serve them.

Improve the Customer Experience

Marchex can help provide information to better train and equip your staff. You get better insight into why some calls failed while others were successful. These are teachable moments that provide context for training and give employees the call handling skills needed to offer a better level of customer service to your customer.

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