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How One Company Supercharged Their Field Management Software Solution with Marchex

Sierra Air Conditioning and Plumbing is a home services company founded in 1987 and based in the Las Vegas Valley. Sierra was facing several business challenges ranging from their advertising budget to call handling and approached Marchex for help. 

Allocate Advertising Spend 

Sierra was looking for a way to determine where to allocate advertising spend based on their phone calls, so they leveraged Marchex Platform Services to find a solution. Their integration with the platform extracts insights provided on the calls coming through each channel back to the sources that generated them. The company then used this data to identify: 

  • ROI for their campaigns 
  • Value of each booked appointment for a particular campaign 
  • Campaign booking percentages 

Cut Back on Busy Work 

Next, Sierra’s team wanted a tool to help them organize their calls based on importance. They could not understand how their customer phone call conversations were being handled without having to spend hours of time listening to call recordings. Sierra’s Marchex Platform Services integration with their field management software solution allowed their team to automatically classify their calls using artificial intelligence at scale. They were able to: 

  • Determine whether a substantive conversation occurred 
  • Recognize if there was an opportunity to set an appointment or make a sale 
  • Identify whether an appointment was set, or a sale was made 

Catch High-Intent Phone Calls 

Another issue pressing Sierra’s team was the need to answer callers with a high likelihood of buying. They could not afford to let high-quality phone calls slip through the cracks, resulting in missed appointment opportunities. To solve the problem, Marchex’s integration with their system provides Sierra’s team with real-time alerts for when a caller showing high intent doesn’t schedule an appointment or buy. As a result, Sierra’s team saved opportunities not booked on the initial phone call and boosted their appointment conversion rates.  

Learn More 

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