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How Service Experts Recovered 25% of Its Lost Leads

Service Experts is a large home services company that provides repair and maintenance services of HVAC, plumbing, and other home-based systems. To drive revenue to its locations across North America, Service Experts relies on phone calls. Marchex client Strategic America is the digital marketing agency that manages digital advertising programs for Service Experts. Strategic America is focused on sending high quality leads to Service Expert locations.

Finding solutions to optimize campaign performance

Driving new leads is costly and it requires vigilance to keep campaigns performing optimally. Service Experts and Strategic America needed deep visibility on the outcome of inbound calls. To help gain the insights needed, Strategic America turned to Marchex. In addition to helping shed light on campaign performance for marketing efforts that drove phone calls, Marchex suggested Service Experts and its agency consider another solution.

“The Marchex Sales Edge Rescue program has given us a tool that can improve the customer experience while also saving potential sales opportunities.”

— David Moody, VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Service Experts

Saving leads they had already gained

While studies and industries vary, it’s estimated that it can cost five times more or higher to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. When looking at campaign performance, it’s clear that not all high-intent calls convert. This can be for plenty of reasons:

  • The appointment time the caller wanted wasn’t available
  • The product the caller was searching for wasn’t in stock
  • Price objections

After spending budget on driving high-quality leads, losing a lead during a 2-minute phone call is not only undesirable, it’s also unnecessary for at least a portion of the calls.

Marchex and Strategic America suggested a solution for Service Experts that focuses on this group of leads: those that called Service Experts but did not schedule an appointment.

Converting missed opportunities into revenue-generating appointments

Service Experts agreed to a trial of Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, a solution that alerts businesses when a high-intent sales call doesn’t convert. A team of Service Expert employees received and acted on alerts and were very effective at setting appointments that weren’t booked during calls to Service Experts centers.

With Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, 25 percent of attempts to save missed opportunities resulted in appointments. Of these, 60 percent became customers representing new revenue. Marchex Sales Edge Rescue effectively provides businesses a second chance with a prospect to make a sale.

To learn more about how Service Experts’ and Strategic America’s saved missed opportunities, read the full case study: Service Experts recovers missed sales opportunities with Strategic America and Marchex.

Gain product knowledge here: Marchex Sales Edge Rescue product page or contact us.