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How the ProMax-Marchex partnership creates value for both companies—and their customers

ProMax provides auto dealers with a robust set of sales and marketing solutions, from lead and relationship management systems to websites and credit solutions. The company strives to solve every marketing challenge dealerships face to support its clients’ success.

A need arises

Auto dealerships today face evolving demands from consumers in the way auto buying happens. Managing relationships with customers is critical for dealership success. Derek Johnson at ProMax is part of the CRM technology team, the group responsible for evolving the product to meet market demands.

“Inbound calls are answered by business development reps from within the ProMax CRM at our dealer customers. A natural next step was to equip them with the ability to make outbound calls as well,” he explains.

Johnson and team embarked on an initiative to add outbound calling to the ProMax CRM system – and their first step was to reach out to Marchex.

A long-term partnership deepens

ProMax and Marchex have had an enduring partnership for over a decade. As call tracking provider to ProMax customers, Marchex was familiar with the ProMax CRM technology.

Outbound calling was already on the Marchex product roadmap for its own solutions. The ProMax request became the catalyst that made the functionality the next quarterly milestone. The Marchex engineering team set to work.

With ProMax acting as primary beta customer, the Marchex and ProMax implementation teams incorporated the new functionality into the ProMax flagship CRM; then ProMax recruited a handful of clients to test the capabilities.

Through a continuous feedback loop, the two teams were able to deliver reliable outbound calling from within the ProMax system.

“Marchex has been our partner for over 12 years. We first partnered in white labeling the inbound call tracking system and when we were looking for an outbound call tracking provider, we went straight to them. At the time Marchex did not offer such a service, but we worked with their team to develop a new product that would benefit both companies. This type of collaboration and mutual mindset of making a better, more streamlined service is exactly why we chose Marchex. We knew they were up to the task and as excited about the opportunity as we were.”

–Melissa Sinclair, VP of Strategic Business Initiatives, ProMax


A synergistic solution provides expansive value

More than 300 ProMax customers currently use outbound calling and call tracking services from within the ProMax CRM. The value of the project goes beyond ProMax, however. In addition to supporting ProMax and its dealer customers, Marchex is adding outbound calling to its own product offerings to fulfill requests from customers, for example in its recently announced Marchex Engage for Automotive offering.

Thanks to its partnership with ProMax, Marchex accelerated a core technology on its roadmap and made it available to a key industry partner while also fulfilling its own product goals. This synergistic relationship enables both companies to derive value from innovation and stay ahead of the curve by bringing desired functionality to both business’s signature products.

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