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How to deliver an excellent customer phone experience across multiple locations

Many franchises and multi-location businesses rely on phone calls to drive revenue. Whether you manage an auto services chain or a national lawn care franchise, how your company handles calls can be the difference in making a sale. So, how do you deliver the best customer experience while increasing revenue per store? You need information. Do you know which locations promptly answer the phone? Do you know if sales representatives are following your company script? Do you know if your representatives offer appointments on every call?

If you can’t answer these questions, you can’t be sure you are delivering a consistently high level of customer service. So, how can you improve your call handling, deliver excellent customer experience and increase your revenue opportunities?

Measure call handling performance

Create a phone call handling scorecard and measure your employees, representatives or agents. Select the criteria that are important to you such as: calls answered within three rings, warm greeting, or appointment offered. Train your agents to follow the script and then measure performance.

Learn what works and repeat across stores

Whether it’s their ability to offer alternatives when the customer’s desired appointment time isn’t available, or their knowledge of inventory, parts or promotions, some employees consistently deliver positive customer outcomes. Identify best practices of high performing employees and share with other locations.

Understand what customers are asking for and deliver

Customers call for a variety of reasons: hours of operation, directions, to find out what products and services you offer, pricing, etc. Aggregate this information to better understand how to help. Discover “high intent” keywords that indicate a strong opportunity for a sale. Learn what products and services they are interested in and be prepared to deliver.

So, how can you know what happens on every call? Marchex has a solution to help you improve your call handling, customer experience, and revenue opportunities.

Learn more. Download an example of the solution in action.