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How to make your agency indispensable

Tools and techniques to increase your value and prove it.

Adding and proving value for clients for your agency has never been more important as the pandemic has caused advertising budgets around the world to freeze. As an agency marketer, you know it’s important to tie your services back to what really matters – sales. In our work with over 300 agencies, we have helped our customers improve performance for their clients. Here are a few key ways we help our agency customers prove their value.

Integrate call data into your single source of truth

As a conversation analytics company, we understand that driving calls via online tactics is an important lead source for many businesses. To make campaign and budget decisions, you need to how these calls performed. No problem. Integrate your call data directly into Google Ads or Google Analytics, or a number of other platforms and view all your data in a single place. Having real-time, accurate data right in your “source of truth” platform means you make informed decisions to increase ROI. It also means you can show your Clients the high-value leads you are driving on their behalf.

Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of paid search campaigns with more granular data

Another use case for call data is to get more granular insights that can inform your campaigns in surprising ways. Consider a roofing company with locations in Denver and Phoenix offering both new roofs and roof repair services. If you were to use your average revenue per roofing job, you may conclude your Phoenix campaign is more efficient and reallocate budget from the Denver campaign.

However, instead of using your average revenue per roofing job metric and instead filtered your data within your call analytics platform by actual location sales, you might come to a different conclusion. While conversions may look better in Phoenix, they have a lower conversion value since the majority of revenue comes from repair work. Denver, on the other hand, has fewer transactions but installs more new roofs – the higher value service.  To see a full breakdown with a screenshot, see this blog post.

Prove your performance to your Clients

Where digital platforms can connect clicks to outcomes, Call Analytics links phone calls to keywords, sessions, and revenue. If your agency uses digital marketing to drive calls, make sure you track your call data to view outcomes, optimize your performance, and show your value to your Clients.

Marchex Marketing Edge is a robust Conversation Analytics platform that offers call and text tracking, campaign performance data, and deep consumer insights that can be leveraged for more comprehensive optimizations. If driving calls for Clients is important to your agency, learn about Marchex Marketing Edge, schedule a demo or request a free 30-day trial.