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Key Benefits of Business Texting for Revenue Teams

Texting is one of the fastest growing business practices for engaging with customers. Business texting has a variety of proven benefits, including increased engagement with customers and faster service times. Revenue teams can seize the opportunities that text provides to nurture relationships with customers, lock down sales, and increase revenue. Automated text can further streamline your team’s efforts, taking numerous tasks off your plate.  

Use Text for Marketing  

Marketers wear many hats, including a Lead Screener’s to identify, qualify, and nurture an often-enormous number of leads coming in at the top of the funnel. The easiest way to lighten this burden is to deploy automated text drip campaigns. When set up, incoming leads at the top of funnel trigger an automated text response. This notification engages prospects before they become disinterested and revoke their potential business.  

Beyond initial contact, automated text can also be used to trigger and re-activate cold leads that have shown interest in the business but have not taken the next step toward purchase. Marketers can also conduct A/B testing through SMS. Once the more effective messaging is deduced, marketers can use that copy for later campaigns.   

Use Text for Sales 

Sales prospects strongly prefer to use text in their daily lives. Business texting has been shown to drive a higher open and response rate than email–potentially leading to increased profit. Customers find relief in texting businesses because they don’t feel pressure to respond right away.  

Text has a variety of benefits for salespeople as well. Customized text bot flows can be instrumental in accelerating leads through the funnel, especially for businesses that receive a high volume of inbound leads.  

Sales teams in industries of an on-the-go nature, such as real estate, often use text to communicate with customers due to its convenience. These businesses can integrate text with their CRM and send texts from there, documenting all customer interactions in a single platform. 

Keep your Team on the Same Page 

Text provides a host of benefits for internal team communication as well as customer interactions. Businesses that have multiple locations can stay on track by reaching out to each other via text, and conversations there tend to be more immediate and less prone to delays compared to email, as people are more likely to check text notifications. All mobile phones already have a native app for texting, so there is no barrier to participating. 

Learn More 

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