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Marchex Deepens Integration with Twilio Add-On Marketplace

Increase the Value of your Twilio Voice Call Recordings

We are thrilled to announce that our conversation intelligence capabilities now integrate into the Twilio Add-On Marketplace.  The Twilio Marketplace Add-Ons are pre-integrated partner technologies that let developers do more with the Twilio API, making it possible to quickly build rich communication experiences by combining Twilio with third-party capabilities.

Marchex’s Transcription with Conversation Intent and Outcome add-on allows businesses to stop wasting time listening to hours of call recordings, viewing lengthy transcripts, and sorting through volumes of data trying to figure out their callers’ intentions and outcomes from phone calls.

The Transcription with Conversation Intent and Outcome add-on makes it easy to automate and identify:

  • the most important attributes of a phone call
  • the primary intent of the caller
  • the outcome of the conversation

Using transcription optimized for phone calls, businesses can dive deeper into the conversation and obtain further details that complement the intent and outcome attributes. For each phone call processed, the add-on can determine:

  • Whether there was a sufficient conversation to determine the intent of the caller;
  • When there was a sufficient conversation, whether there was actually an opportunity for the business to sell a product or set an appointment;
  • If there was an opportunity, whether there was a sale made or an appointment set

“We are excited to make our conversation intelligence capabilities available to more businesses and unlock the power of our artificial intelligence by surfacing relevant, actionable insights from phone conversations to help sales, customer engagement and marketing teams solve their real-world business challenges,” said Ryan Polley, Marchex Chief Operating Officer.  “Twilio customers of all sizes and across industries stand to benefit significantly from Marchex’s recording intelligence capabilities that can quickly turn data and insights into specific actions that can positively affect both customer experience and a company’s bottom line,” he added.

Easy Implementation

Developers who use Twilio’s programmable voice solutions for sales and marketing are able to increase the value of their customer phone calls by easily adding Marchex’s conversation intelligence capabilities. With Marchex’s Transcription with Conversation Intent and Outcome add-on, they are able to augment these solutions with recording intelligence capabilities that help businesses:

  • Rescue missed revenue opportunities
  • Prove the value of their leads
  • Improve call handling
  • Obtain valuable customer insights from converted speech audio to text transcripts

“We are pleased to offer the Marchex Transcription with Conversation Intent and Outcome add-on in the Twilio Marketplace, empowering developers to easily enable AI capabilities without costly AI development. Marketplace Add-Ons provide developers choice for voice intelligence and automation and Marchex helps deliver extraordinary conversation intelligence innovation to our developers,” said Andy O’Dower, Head of Product, Programmable Voice, for Twilio. “Marchex is now part of a growing platform that provides Twilio developers the building blocks to easily add Marchex’s recording intelligence capabilities right into their voice communication apps.”

To learn more about the Transcription with Conversation Intent and Outcome add-on in the Twilio Marketplace log in to your Twilio Console and click here.