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Marchex Receives the 2022 APPEALIE SaaS Customer Success Award

We’re excited to announce that Marchex has won the APPEALIE SaaS Customer Success Award for our Geeks on Site case study. This is quite an accomplishment, as the APPEALIE SaaS Awards are the most selective in the software space—acknowledging only the most dedicated customer success teams in the SaaS world. The winners of the SaaS Customer Success Award were chosen from a pool of highly qualified finalists who could demonstrate the best customer success stories and outcomes.

Marchex received the award for its conversational intelligence capabilities, which allows Geeks On Site to improve their call handling. South Florida-based Geeks On Site deploys a multi-channel marketing approach in which phone calls are a core component. Since phone calls are an integral part of growing their business, the company pays close attention to outcomes and conversions stemming from their calls. As the number of competitors in their niche of online PC repair grows, Geek On Site realized that they needed a mechanism that would allow them to decipher the reasons why some of their calls were not closing to make up for lost potential revenue. They turned to Marchex for help.  

Geeks On Site’s digital marketing agency initiated a trial run of Marchex Sales Rescue, a product that identifies missed sales opportunities in phone calls and alerts revenue teams to address the issue in a timely manner. The trial was highly successful, so the team incorporated Sales Rescue across the organization. The tool processes the filtered calls Geeks On Site forwards from the thousands of calls they receive at the top of their funnel. Once reviewed, alerts and suggested next steps are sent from Marchex back to the Geeks. 

With help from Marchex Sales Rescue, Geeks On Site gains actionable conversion insights that reveal time-sensitive missed sales opportunities that can be rectified. The results? Geeks On Site saw over 3000% monthly ROI, as well as improved call handling outcomes. The positive impact of Marchex Sales Rescue on Geeks On Site’s call handling was so impressive that it compelled APPEALIE to choose Marchex for their 2022 SaaS Customer Success Award.  

Ryan Polley, Chief Operating Officer at Marchex, responded to the award win stating, “Receiving a customer success award is particularly gratifying for Marchex, as we have placed the highest priority on helping our business customers solve their mission-critical business problems along the customer journey that ultimately lead to increased sales. We developed our conversation intelligence platform specifically for this purpose by helping customers increase sales efficiency, boost sellers’ productivity, prioritize leads, and rescue lost sales.  We are committed to continue leading the industry on the innovation front, while retaining the core focus on helping our customers thrive. 

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